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Report on the 4:th International Lithosymposium
in Tidaholm, Sweden 2002.

Sunday July 28

Sunday was set aside to a debate with the theme
"Lithography today-lithography tomorrow". In the
debate panel participated artist Jordi Arkö, artist
Jim Berggren, professor Nils G. Stenqvist and the
Director of the International Art Center i Ljublijana,
Mrs Lilijana Stepancic. Moderator of the debate was
artist Svenrobert Lundqvist who also curated the
Symposium exhibitions.

The debate started with a short flashback. The economic
growth in the 50´s brought about a grewing demand for
art. Especially graphic art did prosper from this rise in
demand since it could provide good quality to a low cost.
Pop-art in the 60´s was very focused on graphic art and
the economic boom in the 80´s ment a lot for the art
market. Today the interest in graphic art is much lower.
But the new technics couls offer possibilities to renew
the form of art. The meeting between traditional and new technics could offer an exiting field of exploration.

Unfortunately there seems to be little interest for the
graphic departments at most of the Art Academys in
Europe. One positive exeption is the Academy in 
Bergen, Norway. This lack of interest could lead to
a lack of knowledge. Vital is to make young artists
interested i graphic art. Possibly could the use of 
new technics like video, IT and computer made art
be of importance. These technics are ideal to combine
with traditional printmaking.

IT also offers new ways to reach the audience. Through
the computer you can reach directly into the homes.

Reaching the audience is essential and apart from IT
the artists have to find new ways. Exposure in media
like TV would be very important to increase the
popularity of graphic art. Unfortunately media today
is more focused on the main trend which doesn´t
favour graphic art. Perhaps the artists must renew
the form of art. More experimental work is perhaps
necessary. The central point in this work might not
lie at the Academies but at the private studion and
collective workshops. The formation of networks is 
likely to be very important.

Something that could check the artists possibilities
to increase their experimental efforts is their poor
economy. The prices of graphic art in Europe, and
particularly in Scandinavia, are low. This is very
obvius in comparison with the USA.


The audience at the debate. Photo: Mikael Käll.
The audience follows the debate with
great interest.

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