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Report on the 4:th International Lithosymposium
in Tidaholm, Sweden 2002.

Thursday August 1


Grafic art in Poland
On Thursday a lecture and slideshow was made by
Pawel Frackiewicz who is the teacher at the Academy
of Fine Art in Wroclaw, Poland. The quality of the
Polish graphic art is in general very high. The artistic
education is concentrated to the Academies. Most of
the production is also made at the workshops at the Academies. There are very few commercial work-
shops to be used by artists. This also means that
it´s hard for a qualified artist printmaker to find a job
in Poland. Pawel showed slides from the workshop
in Wroclaw and examples from prints made there.

A graphic project in Nicaragua
The Finnish artist Anu Tuomisaari made a lecture
with slides about a graphic project in Nicaragua.
The purpose of the project was to establish a litho-
graphic workshop with educational capacity in Nicaragua.
To the financing of the project contributed Germany 
and some Finnish collective workshops. The project
managed by Anu and a German artist started from
zero. The difficulties were many. For exampel there 
were only three stones availible. The students had to
work to get food and materials etc. The heat made that
the colour melted on the stones. Inks had to be made
from local raw material. Plates had to be grained by
steel wool. The market for graphic art is very small
in Nicaragua. Only Managua can offer some possibili-
ties. Assistance to the project is still coming from
Germany and Finland but the need is vast and all
kind of help from collegues all over the world is

Digital art/lithographic documentation
The artist Lars Vipsjö from Sweden told the audience
about his work as a painter, a graphic artist and
about his use of digital methods. Lars described the
artistic possibilities offered by the new digital technics.
Net art, art on the internet, gives the artists a possi-
bility to reach right into the homes of the audience.
Net art also opens the door to interactive forms of
artisticexpressions. Lithographic printing is also,
according to Lars, the natural continuation in paper
form of the computer made image.

The artist Per Erik Johansson from the artist´s
collective workshop in Stockholm informed the
audience about his work in order to establish a web-
based network for artists. The network will bring
information about meetings, seminars etc. and it
will also function as a web-based gallery. By using
the network artists will be able to find good and cheap
materials from many countries. The network is also
aiming to be a center for debates. The adress to the
network is

Bo Jemseby and the artist Karl-Åke Nyström made a
workshop showing the photographic method developed
by Bo Jemseby, the so called Jemseby method. By the
use of special screens the method in a unique way
keeps most of the tonar range. Bo Jemseby has during
the last 15 years developed this method further in
collaboration with Karl-Åke Nyström. Karl-Åke once
started all the artistic lithographic activity in Tidaholm
and he is one of the most competent artists on the
field of lithography you can find in Sweden today.


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Karl-Åke Nyström demonstrating the Jemseby method supervised by Bo Jemseby. Photo: Mikael Käll.
Karl-Åke Nyström demonstrating the
Jemseby method supervised by Bo Jemseby.





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